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Structeezy & CSS Frameworks

OxyProps Lite is a required plugin. Do I actually need it with ACSS or CF?

OxyProps Lite is not required, it is just recommended for people not using a css framework. Simply dismiss the notice if you use no framework or another framework.

The Structeezy user account screen showing where to find downloads and license key in the order informations.

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Yes, when it needs a css value, Structeezy will use the internally scoped css variables, which are mapped to your framework’s variables.

For example, when you insert a Header Two structure from the Patterns group, it will use :

Logo color--action--primary--o-brand
Row 2 bg--base--neutral--o-surface-1
Row 2 Spacing--space-m--space-xl--o-size-fluid-5


The mapping is defined in Structeezy dashboard > Preferences > CSS Frameworks > CSS Defaults.

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