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Structeezy v1.1 Release Notes


Structeezy 1.1 is out and improves and develops features introduced in v1.0 based on people’s feedback.

To take advantage of the latest features, make sure you’re running the latest version of Structeezy. You can upgrade to Structeezy 1.1 by running an automatic plugin update from you WordPress plugins dashboard, of by downloading the .zip file from your user account.

Walkthrough Video

SVG Structure Builder

You have now access no all possible SVG elements to create shapes, masks, clippaths, filters, anything SVG can do.

Did I miss one? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

CSS Scroll-Driven Animations

A new pattern was added to the collection:

  • CoverFlow - A vintage iTunes like coover flow animation.

Random Picture

The Semantic > Embeds > Picture elements now includes a random placeholder image generation using the same Picsum API as the Random Image in structures.


I did refactor several elements based on my use and feedback from users to make them more flexible and easier to use with the most used attributes.

Other fixes

The update also includes several other fixes and performance improvements.

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