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Structeezy v1.6 Release Notes


Structeezy 1.6 is available, and brings a few helpful features, as well as performance and UI improvements.

To take advantage of the latest features, make sure you’re running the latest version of Structeezy. You can upgrade to Structeezy 1.6 by running an automatic plugin update from you WordPress plugins dashboard, of by downloading the .zip file from your user account.

Support for MathML

There are times when you need a way to properly represent mathematical expressions on your website in a functionnal and accessible way!

The Structeezy panel showing available MathML elements and examples
CH4+2O2CO2+2H2O n=1+1n2

Structeezy now supports MathML, a standard way to represent mathematical expressions on the web. This means that you can now use MathML to represent mathematical expressions in your Bricks structure tree, and Structeezy will be able to manage and parse them properly.

Structeezy parser was also updated to support MathML, so you can now write MathML in the editor, or copy/paste MathML from the web, and be sure that it will be properly parsed and displayed on the front-end.

Structeezy parser parsing MathML representing a triple integral

Other improvements

This update includes minor performance improvements.